Client Corner

Ok, so this is a frequently asked question - What is it you guys do at The More Group?

This is not the point where you need me to list every reason as to why you might need to hire a new staff member.

You probably will not need to highlight all of the current obstacles and hurdles in today's job market. And you really don’t want me to come at from every angle of how we are better than every other company offering recruitment services.

As a team, we connect our clients with the best talent in today's market. We reach out to our clients to establish a great understanding of what it is they are looking for and how they feel their next team member can help steer the company towards their goals.

We reach out to work with clients who wish to move their recruitment services to match the technological advances of the talent field. We do this through interactive profiling, video resumes, smart charts, video interviews just to name a few.

Below are some of our takeaways from our Client Corner, feel free to watch and reach out to speak one of the More team.

How can we help?

A talented team of people is what separates the great business from a good business. If you want some help with this then let's have a chat about ideas.