Who We Are

We are whom people turn to when they are looking for MORE.

In a world where people are in search of improvement and advancement, we are here to deliver.

Our forefront is delivering the highest quality matchmaking service for ambitious businesses. Now sadly we might not be able to find your future life partner unlike the popular dating apps... We are the people use our recruitment skills to match the best talent with the highest quality clients. 


Our approach to recruitment is to help our community grow and develop. This results in both the candidates and clients achieving their personal and professional goals. This in itself will make us a stronger unit.'


Talent Development

There is often a gap between capability and potential. A candidate will enter the job market due to many different reasons. This crossroads may be due to wanting a change in career or want to be rewarded further for their skills.

These crossroads can open up many opportunities but at times it can seem like the challenge is a solo venture. This is where The More Group steps in to assist.  

Our team is there to identify the needs and wants of the best talent and to help to nurture the individual's strengths to help aid their further career.  

We offer assistance and knowledge to upskill our talent pool and we work with them to find their next opportunity in the job market. We are there on the first day and will continue to offer support to ensure the candidate is working towards their goals.


Recruitment Consulting

On the other hand, we have our clients in the digital marketing space who are looking to source the best talent. The correct talent will help your company grow, it will boost the morale of an existing team, it will provide avenues to new ventures.

The More Group understand that the best asset to a client is the talent that forms the foundation of the company.

We do not work FOR clients, we set out to work WITH clients to find the best talent to help them achieve their team goals.

We create an interactive recruitment process to ensure the cultural fit is ranked as high as the skill set. This relationship is not a simple handover when start date commences, our work with clients carries on past that date.  

We endeavour to continue to work with the client to ensure that the talent becomes a valuable member of the team.



The world is changing.

It is those who are looking for more who will benefit from the current and future climate.

The talent pool is growing in strength and with that the standards that candidates are holding for new employers is rising.

From our client's eyes, their opportunities have never been better so they are only in the search of A-Grade talent to work for them.

We understand that the gap between Expectations and Current skill level is where frustration grows. The More Group are here to raise the skill level to the expectations of talent and clients.


We upskill our candidates in areas including - how to prepare, how to interview, how to be proactive, how to integrate into a new team.  


We also reach out to clients to offer value on how to enter the job market to find the best talent and then how to build a culture that is contusive to growth.